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                 March 24, 1968 NCCPD Roster

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Pictures from the 2018 FOP Retirement Dinner, held on January 18, 2019

Pictures from 2018 Christmas Dinner Meeting


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                                                                                                                             S/ Cpl. Paul Sweeney and Lt. Joe Szczerba-Gone But Not Forgotten 

          3601 North DuPont Highway, New Castle                                     S/Cpl. Paul Sweeney Public Safety Building                             Lt. Joe Szczerba Police Academy        



















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Board of Directors

Board of Directors


                                                                                                                                                                                                      Alumni President Phil Young







                                                                                                                                                                               Ist Police Academy Class Under County Council Government, Nov. 1967                          Off. Tracy Duffy wearing the female uniform from 1974  

 Sgt. Charles Alfred Martin                                    

       First NCCPD Retiree 

May 20, 1948 to April 3, 1967       


50 Anniversaru of 1968 NCCPD recurit class from a DSP Academy.  Including Olin Slaughter, George Derr, Bill Webster                                            Evening Journal August 29, 1970      

Paul Sweeny, Bob Carmine, Eugene Sides, Marcel Dawson and Joe Testa  



                                        Retiree Al Wysock's restored 1972 Plymouth Fury        





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"What my family should know"

Gone ...but not forgotten
Paul J. Sweeney
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Roger Elderkin

Michael Laratonda

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James Leonard Sr.

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John Messick




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Joseph Biden    


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FOP  Lodge 5

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