Events January 2018 to

44th Class Graduation Plaque and Esprit de Corps Award

On Thursday April 26th the Alumni held its annual spring breakfast meeting, good turn out.  Presentations were made by Scott Phillips running

for New Castle County Sheriff and Frank Cooke running for State Representative.  A telephone call was made to Cliff Truitt who is still recovering from the

loss of his right leg last year.  He was please to hear from everyone.

On January 19, 2018 Lodge 5 of the FOP held its 2017 Retirement Dinner.  The affair was great as usual with interesting comments from each retiree. 

              Two Recruits from the 1973 Class

The Dinner Committee

                                Twenty one years ago the Rookie and his FTO

Three Generations of Policing, the 70's, the 80's and the 90's                      Retired S/Lt Craig Weldon, great MC

      Retired S/Sgt. JoAnna Burton

Retired Sgt. Eric Godwin                                                                              Retired M/Cpl. Tim Argoe

Retired M/Cpl. Mark Babinger                                                                     Retired M/Cpl. Elwood Gilger

Retired M/Cpl. James Hoban                                                                        Retired M/Cpl. Jeff Steinberg

Retired Cpl. Christian Stamm                                                                        Retirement M/Cpl. Amy McCabe