Marty Woitko

December 2, 2019, Marty died on December 1, 2019.   Today I spoke with Karen Rynkowski , she was Marty’s caregiver. When Marty had the bone marrow procedure he was told the next 60 days were the most important. Two weeks ago Marty went back into the hospital for kidney failure. Once in the hospital he developed numerous infections from the transplant. The infections couldn’t be controlled and Marty was told that if everything got under control he would be in a nursing home the rest of his life. Marty was aware of the situation and being the private person he was, he wanted to come off everything and pass away peacefully. To the end Marty was a private person. The two things Marty was most proud of was his service in the US Navy during the Vietnam War and 23 years with the New Castle County Police Dept.

As a friend and classmate Marty is an inspirational to all.