Events 2012 and 2013

On Thursday September 5, 2013 the 38th recruit class graduated from the police academy.

The Esprit de Corps award given by the association was presented to Officer Colleen Kearns.  Also,

pictured below is the plaque given by the class to the Department.



100th Anniversary, May 4, 2013

On May 4, the New Castle County Police celebrated its 100th anniversary.  The turnout of retirees was unbelievable. A continental breakfast was suppose to be held in roll call.  Unfortunately the caterer didn't show, so as cops we did the next best thing, we hit Dunkin Donuts. It was a fantastic day reminiscing and see the displays cases filled with out past.  An alumni member said it best with the following words:

"Each year at the FOP Retirement dinner a plaque is given to the new retiree. On the plaque is the inscription “A unique and dedicated individual becomes a police officer, you should be proud of your successful career and your service to the citizens of New Castle County.”


As I look into the audience I see numerous New Castle County Police Retirees.  Each one on them was a dedicated individual that gave 100% to this job.  He or she retired being very proud of the service they gave to the citizens of New Castle County.


If you were to ask any retiree to talk about his or her career. They would tell stories that could make you laugh and cry, but they could also tell you stories that would make your respect them for job they did and their dedication to law enforcement. 


As retirees it doesn't matter whether we retired after 10 years, 15 years, and 20 years or longer on the job.  We will always be proud of this department and the history we made being a sworn police officer on the New Castle County Police Department. 

Officer Tracy Duffy wearing the female uniform from 1974

The police vehicle was restored by S/Cpl. Al Wysock

County Executive Gordon

Director Homeland Security representing Gov. Markell

Acknowledging Retired Lt. Felix Poppiti and Retired Lt. Rodney Reynolds,

the last appointees under the Levy Court System.

Police Memorial Day, May 1, 2013

Police Memorial Day was May 1, 2013.  Ceremonies were held at New Castle County Police Headquarters and on the Green in Dover. 

The ceremony at the Cpl. Paul Sweeney Headquarters was very well attended by the families, police officers and retirees.  Also, all who attended the ceremony got the first look at the display cases celebrating the history of NCCPD.  The remarks were very positive about the displays.  The most common remark was 'long overdue."

Retirees in attendance at Police Memorial Day


On the Green in Dover

Governor Markell

Senator Blevins, President Pro Tempore

Rep. Schwartzkopf, Speaker of the House

Secretary Schiliro, Homeland Security

Trp. Tom Bracken, DSTA President

Mrs. Allione, President COPs

Fred Calhoun, State FOP President


The official announcement of the 100th Anniversary of the New Castle County Police Department was done on Sunday February 17, 2013.  The first officer for the New Castle County Rural Police was hired on February 17, 1917.   The department has a rich history of growth and service to the citizens of New Castle County. We the alumni are the history of a proud and honored police department.  Everyone who ever wore the uniform should be proud. 

The event was well attended and the officers attending evening roll call received their 100th Anniversary Badge to wear. 

A short history of New Castle County Police Department.

In 1911 the County Rural Police was authorize by state legislation. The County Rural Police came under the jurisdiction of the New Castle County Levy Court. The first officer, Daniel Knight, was not hired until February of 1913.  The hiring of the first officer came after a petition was signed by residents of New Castle County wanting compliance with the 1911 legislation.  By the late1950’s the Department had grown to 22 officers, two Democrats and two Republicans from Brandywine, Christiana, New Castle and Millcreek hundreds.  The remaining Hundreds at the southern end of the county White Clay Creek, Pencader Creek, St. Georges, Red Lion, Appoquinimink and Blackbird each had one police officer.  The six appointees were divided evenly between the Democrat and Republican parties.   In 1960, the appointed officers were

Brandywine Hundred                                                                                               Christaina            

Harry Hitch                                                                                                              Chris Bupp                                                                

Bill Troupe                                                                                                               Al Martin                                                                    

Ralph Dorris (After Dorris’ death  Joe Sisssion was appointed)                                     Tom Boulden     

George McGinnis                                                                                                     Felix Poppiti

New Castle Hundred                                                                                               Millcreek

George Cannon                                                                                                        August Antoine

Jim Leonard Sr                                                                                                        Chucky Ingram

Robert Whaylan                                                                                                       Jim Peirson

George Swain                                                                                                           Pete Furness

White Clay Creek                                                                                                    Pencader Creek

Chester Knox                                                                                                           Gilbert Odgen

St Georges                                                                                                               Red Lion                                                                    

Mickey McNatt                                                                                                        Adolph Poppe Jr.

Appoquinimink                                                                                                       Blackbird

Earl Biddle                                                                                                              Rodney Reynolds


Funding for New Castle Rural Police was very limited.   Uniforms were old uniforms from other police departments or the military and the motor vehicles were always used.  Up until 1956 the northern most prison in the state was the County Work House at Prices Corner with the Farm ( Delcastle Park) .  Since it was a County Facility their funding also came from the New Castle County Levy Court.  So, the County Rural Police were at the bottom of the monetary chain.  Also, all the County Rural Police officers were still political appointees.


In May of 1965 the New Castle County government was totally reorganize with all powers and duties of the Levy Court being transferred to the newly created New Castle County Council.  Also, the police were no longer appointed and new standards were adopted for the hiring and training of Police Officers.  With the growth in population and citizens moving out into the suburbs, the need for policing was growing rapidly.   In 1968 the department grew to 65 officers.  Many came from the Wilmington Police Department and Delaware River and Bay Police Department.  That was the turning point for the present day New Castle County Police Department.  Today the department has an authorized strength of over 350 sworn personnel and is the largest police department serving New Castle County.



News Journal New Release 


NCCo police mark century of service

Ceremony marks NCCo force's 100th anniversary


New Castle Police


New Castle Police

In 1913, a man named Daniel Knight became the first “rural county police officer” in northern Delaware.

His salary: $2 a day. His main duty: to serve as a crossing guard.

Later that same year, a group of 22 officers formed the “county highway police.”

The two forces eventually combined to create what is now the New Castle County Police Department.

A large group of retired and active county officers and their families gathered Sunday at the Paul J. Sweeney Public Safety Building in Minquadale to mark the 100th anniversary of Knight’s first day on the job and the history of the county police force.

During the ceremony, acting Chief Elmer Setting thanked officers for their dedication and service.

“For 100 years, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, a New Castle County police officer has been on the job answering calls,” he said. “[People] never call on the good days. They call us when they’re having one of the worst days of their life. ... We run into buildings when other people are running out.”

Several dozen officers received new gold-and-silver badges commemorating the anniversary.

Every member of the force will wear the anniversary badge for the next year. They will then switch back to their regular badges and will be allowed to retain the commemorative badges as a keepsake.

“The alumni that came before you set the standard for the first 100 years,” George Williamson, vice president of the county police’s alumni association, told the current officers. “Now you better that and set the standard for the next 100 years.”

The agency plans to hold other events throughout the year to commemorate the anniversary, including a large outdoor event in the summer and a 5K race.

In September, County Council unanimously approved $75,000 to pay for the badges and other anniversary activities. The money comes from a fund that holds payments made to the county when officers perform off-duty security jobs.

In an interview after Sunday’s event, Setting said the next 100 years of the police force will be much different than the last century. With modern technology, the nature of crimefighting is changing. New Castle County now uses software to analyze crime data and 911 calls to help determine areas to patrol and places where crime is more likely to occur, he said.

“We can’t just run from 911 call to 911 call anymore,” Setting said. “That’s reactive policing, and we can’t afford to do that effectively. We can’t hire 100 more officers. We know that, and [County] Council knows that. We need to keep getting better at surpressing crime and doing proactive policing.”

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On Friday January 18, 2013, FOP Lodge 5 held the dinner for the retirees of 2012.   The retirees were

S/Cpl. Tom Abram

S.Cpl. Matt Drak

S/Lt. Bill Harden

S/Cpl. Jeff Hill

S/Cpl. Darla Hoff

S/Cpl. Amy Kevis

 S/Sgt. Claudine Malone

S.Cpl. Scott Mathis

S/Cpl. Arlenne Redmond

S/Cpl. Steve Rinehart

S/Cpl. Eric Roberts

S/Cpl. Jossie Sheridan

S/Cpl. Anthony Scelsi

S/Cpl. Bonnie Shriner

S/Cpl. Joe Trala

S/Cpl. Frank Cooke

S/Cpl. Ken Taylor

The event was well attended by both active officers and retirees.  The families of the retirees enjoyed a night of festivities saluting the careers of the retired officers. 


On Thursday December 20, 2012 the 37th recruit class graduated from the police academy.

The Esprit de Corps award given by the association was presented to Officer Andrew Daller.

December 19, 2912 was the annual Christmas Dinner/Meeting of the Alumni Association. Again this year there was a tremendous turn out.


On September 23, 2012 the Alumni Association held its annual picnic.  This year over 100 alumni members attended.  As you look at the photos and see friends and colleagues from the past, remember we all have common bond.  We are the history of a great police department, New Castle County Police.




The 36th New Castle County Police Academy Graduates May 24, 2012

Alumni President Phil Young presenting the Esprit de Corps Award to Officer Jennifer Escheman.



Alumni members who attended the spring meeting, May 23, 2012.  Beside normal business the members heard from Candidate Tom Gordon and Renee Tashner. 

Some of the retirees who attended Police Memorial Day, May 2, 2012.



Today, May 2, 2012, was Police Memorial Day for the State of Delaware.  Services were held at the Cpl. Paul Sweeney Public Safety Building and on the Green in front of Legislative Hall in Dover.  Unfortunately for both active and retired members of New Castle County Police this day was a very sad occasion.  Tragically, New Castle County Police lost one of its own last September and this year Lt. Joseph Szczerba name was added to the list of fallen officers.  Anyone who knew Lt. Szczerba will remember him for his dedication and commitment to the citizens of New Castle County.   At the service on the Green in Dover, Lt. Szczerba wife said a few words.  Her comments gave a special meaning today's ceremony.  She describe her husband's life as dedicated to two things, his family and his profession.

He is gone but will never be forgotten

The service at Police Headquarters had to be held indoors because of foul weather. Excellent remarks were made by the President of FOP Lodge 5, Col. McLaren, and County Executive Clark.  The attendance of active and retired police officers was over whelming. 



The Green in Dover





The 2011 FOP was held on January 20, 2012 at the Pencader Corporate Center.  The following retirees were honored.

Retired S/C Scott Simpson

Retired S/C Terrence O'Connor

Retired S/Lt. Gerald Donovan

Retired S/C Joseph Berg

Retired S/Sgt. Joseph Fitzgerald

Retired S/C George Bell

Retired S/C Michele Hinson

Retired S/C Jeffrey Carey

Retired S/C Phillip Davis

Retired S/C David Devine

Retired S/Sg.t Gary Taylor

Retired S/C Scott Twigg

Retired Col. Mike McGowan

Retired S/Sg.t Nicole Hyden

Retired S/C Scott Rittenhouse

Retired S/C James Fitzerald

Retired S/C Christina Ruiz

Retired S/Sgt. Robert Schleckler

Joe Lavelle

Gary Worthy

Of the 20 retirees 16 were in attendance.  The Corporate Center was packed with with well wishes celebrating the careers of all the retirees.

The FOP member of the year was presented to Matthew DiSabintio (Yes another DiSabintio on the Department)

Also, recognition was given to Dennis Quinn for his years of work with Associate Lodge.