Events 2005 to 2008


Police Memorial Day was held on May 7, 2008 at the Paul J. Sweeney Public Safety Building.  The turnout for the memorial service was great.  Over 25 retirees were in attendance remembering past brothers of law enforcement and personal friends.  Outstanding remarks were made by FOP Lodge 5 President Joe Lavelle, Col. Gregory, and County Executive Chris Coons. 

In attendance but not pictured, JR Hedrick, Jim DiTomasso, and Jim Riggs.



On March 27 the Alumni association held the yearly qualification for HB 218.  Presently 60 retirees have qualified for 2008.  The qualification is split between a classroom session updating everyone any changes in departmental policies and state statutes.  The second phase is two fifty round qualification shoots.  This year firing from the 25 yard line was added affecting the scores drastically. 






Alumni Charter Being Presented at NCCPD Headquarters

On Thursday March 20th the Alumni Charter was presented at the Cpl. Paul Sweeney Public Safety Building.  In attendance were over 38 alumni members.  


Colonel Gregory and Past President Jameson after hanging

the Alumni Charter outside the Roll Call room at the

Cpl Paul Sweeney Public Safety Building.



All the retirees in attendance at the formal presentation of the

Alumni Charter at the Cpl. Paul Sweeney Public

Safety Building




After the formal presentation of the charter, the Alumni held its spring meeting.  Issues like the cola, yearly range qualification, survivors benefits, and family notification upon the death of a member were discussed.




Colonel Gregory having a discussion with a retired major and captain.


Thank you note from Rose Fry

Dear Men and Women of the NCCPAA   I want to thank all of you (and your guests) for the tribute paid to me at the Retirement Dinner on January 11th.  You know I love all of you but it was so wonderful to hear that I've contributed something to your outstanding organization, hopefully to make your lives a little easier and a little less scary when coming to "Mahogany Row" in the old building or to the "Emerald City" in the new building.   I was totally surprised when I was honored by the retired officers, most of whom I grew up with in the department.  It was great seeing and talking to all of you again.  Thank you for inviting me, for the wonderful dinner, for Buddy's kind remarks, for the beautiful plaque and for your generous gift.  I will treasure this night always.   It has been a wonderful and a fun experience and I've learned a lot from you.  Thank you for your kindness and support through the years and I hope I'll always be part of your family.   Love,  
Rose Fry




Retirement Dinner 2008

 The retirement dinner gets better every year.  This years dinner was great. Again, Mike Terranva did a great job as master of ceremonies.  He even got caught putting in a few Terranovisms (New words not in the dictionary)  He also got caught giving Col. Gregory a new name.   Each of the retirees had the opportunity to say a few words, but the best speaker of the night was the "Quiet Man" Doug Warren..  He did a humorous short speech on being forced to retire at 55, even the County Executive got a laugh.   Joe Fitzgarld was FOP Member of the year.  A surprise tribute was done to Rose Fry.  To say Rose was surprised is an understatement.  The audience gave her a standing ovation.  It was amazing how many people wanted to congratulate her.  She was very pleased and happy she attended.  Rose promised the County Executive she wouldn't write a book.    The Alumni Association gave Rose a glass etched plague and $200.

The tickets for the affairs sold out early so next year get your tickets once the announcement goes on the web site. 

Most of the pictures were taken by John Haug, good job.












































Great turn out for the Alumni tour of the Cpl. Paul Sweeney Public Safety Building .  Before the tour remarks were given by Col. Gregory, Director Frasier, County Executive Coons, and Alumni

President Kotowski.  President Kotowski's remarks talked about our past and how far the department has come.  Seeing is believing when you see the new RECOM and remember the basement at Troop 6 with the passing of cards with complaint information or the Patrol Division in the basement at the old Engineering Building.  His remarks brought back memories.  Below is a picture taken by John Haug of everyone in attendance. 


 Standing left to right

Curt Clifton, Danny (TJ) Tjaden, Carl (Skip) Moss, Dave Stewart, James McDermitt, Mark Forbes, Cliff Truit, Bruce Taylor, Chuck Parker, Bill Gula,

Gerry Conway, Neftali Villanueva, Glen Davis, Jim Columbo, Jerry Smuzynski, Joe McNair, Jay Weston, Jim Leonard, Bill Gore, Alan Kerrigan, Buddy


Seated left to right

John Haug, Pete Kotowski, Phil Young, Mike Rogers, Bob Snow, Jim Grant, Bob Kwiatkowiski

Never Forgettng Our Past

Police Memorial Day, May 2, 2007

Cpl. Paul J. Sweeney Police Headquarters

On October 28, 1972 Ptl. Paul Sweeney was traveling northbound on Rt 202.
Ptl. Sweeney’s police vehicle was struck in the rear by another northbound vehicle.
Ptl. Sweeney’s vehicle burst into flames and he couldn’t escape from the vehicle because
all four doors had jammed shut from the impact. Ptl. Paul J. Sweeney died November 30, 1972
from his injuries.

Two years ago Brother Mike Rogers and Brother George Williamson put two motions on the
floor at the monthly meeting of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5. The first motion was to recommend
the promotion of Ptl. Sweeney to the rank of Corporal. A rank he would have obtained if not for the
fatal collision. The second motion was to name the new New Castle County Police Headquarters
under construction in the name of Ptl. Sweeney. Both motions passed unanimously. President
Ellwein of FOP Lodge 5 presented the passed motions to County Executive Chris Coons. On Police
Memorial Day 2005, County Executive Coons announced publicly that the new New Castle County Police
Headquarters would be named in memory of Cpl. Paul J. Sweeney. This was a surprise announcement
to the family of Cpl. Sweeney. The family was estatic that such a tribute was being done in memory
of their son, widow, and father.

So today was an exciting day. Even though the new police headquarters had not been officially dedicated,
the Police Memorial Service for 2007 was held at the new memorial site in front of the new Cpl. Paul J. Sweeney
Headquarters. FOP Lodge 5 President S/Corporal Joe Lavelle, Public Safety Director Ernest R. Frazier , Colonel
Rick S. Gregory Chief of Police NCCPD, and County Executive Chris Coons gave remarks to the attendees.
The remarks by all four were outstanding and appropriate for the occasion. The remarks had an impact on all officers
both past and present that were in attendance. The entire ceremony exemplified the history and future of an
outstanding police organization.

Anyone who knew Cpl. Sweeney would have been proud to be in attendance at the ceremony. Remembering
a brother officer who in the prime of his life gave the ultimate sacrifice.

After today, every time I drive up to the new police headquarters I will remember my 28 years of dedicated
service to the New Castle County Police Department, but I’ll also smile and think of the memories of a childhood
playmate named Paul Sweeney.

Personally I would like to thank several people. County Executive Coons and Cpl. Marge Ellwein (FOP President 2005) for
naming the new headquarters after the only deserving individual. Also, I would like to thank Colonel Gregory, Captain
Matt Jamison, and Sr./Cpl. Joe Lavelle for an outstanding Police Memorial Day Ceremony 2007

Ret. Capt. George H. Williamson
New Castle County Police Dept.





At the 32nd New Castle County Police Academy Graduation on Thursday April 26, President Jameson presented the Esprit de Corps Award.  The Award was presented to Ofc. Brian Faulkner. 







Lastly, approximately 80 people qualified this year under House Bill 218.  The qualification was held April 26 and 30.  The new range officer had everyone fire two courses of 50 round each.  The weather was great and the new range officer did any outstanding job. 
















Representative Mitchell, his first day on the job in Dover.





Alumni Members who attended Christmas Dinner 2006

We als











This year the Delaware Police Chief’s Foundation and Council are proud to salute thirteen Delaware Police Officers.  This year’s honorees represent six different Police Departments within the State of Delaware.  Twelve of the officers are being honored for their service to their Country.  All twelve were on active duty with either the Reserves or National Guard during 2005 and served in either Iraq or Kuwait. Two of these honorees are also being honored for going above and beyond their call of duty.  The last honoree is being recognized for her commitment to help the children of Iraq. 



The Delaware Police Chief’s Foundation

And Council Salute:


Lt. Pete Bohn, Seaford Police Department, served in Iraq as a paramedic with the 1159 Medical Company out of Aberdeen, Maryland.


PFC George Cale, New Castle County Police Department, served in Kuwait with the Maintenance Company of the 945th Service Company of the Delaware Army National Guard.


Cpl. Thomas Devore, Capitol Police Department, served in Iraq as a Civil Affairs Officer training Iraqi Police Personnel.  He is a member of the Army Reserves and was activated with the 353 CACOM out of Staten Island, New York.


Cpl. Eric Hamm, Delaware State Police, served in Iraq as a Black Hawk pilot with the 150th Aviation Unit of the Delaware Army National Guard.


PFC Donald Lonsky, Harrington Police Department, served in Iraq as a Mortuary Affairs Specialist with the Army Reserve, 254 QM Company out of York, PA.

PFC Michael Murphy, New Castle County Police Department served in Kuwait with the Maintenance Company of the 945th Service Company of the Delaware Army National Guard.


Officer Danny Silva, Wilmington Police Department, served in Kuwait with the Maintenance Company of the 945th Service Company of the Delaware Army National Guard.


PFC Jeffrey Steinberg, New Castle County Police Department, served in Kuwait with the 374th Finance Unit of the U.S. Army Reserve out of Wilmington, Delaware.


Cpl. William White, Delaware State Police, served in Iraq as a Black Hawk pilot with the 150th Aviation Unit of the Delaware Army National Guard.


Cpl. Benjamin Whitlock, Delaware State Police, served in Kuwait with the infantry of the U. S. Army Reserve out of Baltimore, Maryland.


Cpl. Michell “Toni” Foraker, Delaware State Police, made an impact on the children of Iraq without leaving the state of Delaware Cpl. Foraker has been very active with the Ronald G. Williams Foundation for several years.  The Foundation started honoring the memory of Cpl. Stephen McGowan (Stephan McGowan was a Delawarean who gave his life while serving in Iraq).   While in Iraq Stephan McGowan  was giving beanie babies to the Iraqi children.  Cpl. Foraker continues his work by collecting beanie babies and sending them to the service personnel stationed in Iraq.  They soldiers then give the dolls to the Iraqi children.  Cpl. Foraker has boxes in every troop asking for donations.  When the Ronald G. Williams Foundation found that Delawareans were activated and flying missions with the 150th Aviation Unit in Iraq, contact was made with W3 Elwood Gilger and 3000 beanie babies were sent to the Delawareans of the 150th Aviation Unit to distribute to the children.  To date over 30,000 beanie babies have been sent to Iraq.  Isn’t it fitting that Cpl. Foraker is a DARE officer.


PFC Elwood “Woody” Gilger, New Castle County Police Department, doesn’t give up without a fight.  When his unit got their orders to deploy to Iraq, his orders were for a medical attachment at Water Reed Hospital to fight cancer.  After intensive radiation treatment, the cancer was in remission and he fought the Army to cancel his waiver.  Once the waiver was canceled he joined his unit, 150th Aviation Unit, in Iraq.     .  PFC Gilger is a Black Hawk Pilot.  Once there and flying missions he was surprised at the reaction of the Iraqi children to any candy or toys the soldiers could disperse to them from a helicopter.  With the help of his parents, friends, and numerous Delaware Organizations donations were accepted to purchase soccer balls and bungee balls.  Also, PFC Gilger got in touch with the Ronald Williams Foundation and the Foundation sent beanie babies.  Thanks to PFC Gilger”s humanitarian effort, the members of the 150th Aviation Unit of the Delaware Army National Guard gave the children of Iraq over 1,000 soccer balls, 640 bungee balls, and 3,000 beanie babies. 


Officer Brian Tibbits, Wilmington Police Department, almost gave the ultimate sacrifice for his Country.  Less than two weeks out of the Police Academy, Officer Tibbits was called to active duty to serve with Regimental Combat Team8, 2nd Marine Division, 8th Marine Regiment out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  His MOS was combat security.  Last summer while on patrol his Humvie went over an IED explosive devise.  The devise exploded under his seat.  The blast compressed his spine breaking his back.  Almost a year later he is still recovering, but starting to get normal movement back.  Eventually he will be examined by the City of Wilmington physician to determine when he will return to WPD.  The Chief of Police for Wilmington has made it known that there will always be a place for Officer Brian Tibbits with the Wilmington Police Department.