Events September 2014 to


Police Memorial Day was today, May 4, 2016.  Unfortunately the turn out both at Hdqs and Dover was very low.  Today the weather did not cooperate, light drizzle with rain in Dover.  After the posting of the colors in Dover FOP President moved everyone under the tent to avoid the adverse weather.  At both Hdqs and Dover all the remarks were very postive down playing the "bad rap" police officers are getting nationwide.

New Castle County Police Headquarters



On Friday, January 15, 2016, FOP Lodge 5 held its annual retirement dinner.  Below are pictures from the occasion.

EDU from the past

                                                                                                        Before going to the FBI "One great street cop," Dan Garrabrant

                                                                                                      A Patrol Lieutenants dream team: Dan Garrabrant, Bob Becker,

                                                                                                      Mike McGowan, Rob McLucas and John Williamson (missing Pat Malone)

Christianne Haggerty                                                                        Paul Mergenthaler

Joseph Rago                                                                                  Doug Merrill

Lea Rolph                                                                                        Brent Shahan

John Williamson                                                                              Steve Szczerba remember his brother Joe Szczerba

December 7, 2015 was the Alumni Christmas/Holiday party. Everyone had a great time and the food was great.  Below are a few pictures from the event.  The second picture

are the 9 people from the 4th recruit class who attended the dinner.  On the December 17 it will be 42 years since the 4th class started the academy. 

Dave Stewart, Jim Leonard, Buddy Williamson, Sue (Short) Leonard, Carl (Skip) Moss, Charlie Harris, Bill Prettyman and Bruce Taylor 


Congratulations to the 41st Recruit class that graduated December 3rd. Pictured below is the Alumni Esprit de Corps Award

Pictures from the End of Watch Ceremony For S/Cpl. Paul Sweeney

September 30, 2015


Today September 26, 2015 the Alumni Association had its annual picnic.  The weather and turn out were great.  Every year someone we haven't seen for years shows and memories and stories are told.  This year was no exception.  It is nice seeing friends and former colleagues.

Today, May 6, 2015, was Police Memorial Day at County Police Headquarters. The weather was perfect to remember our fallen officers. Col Setting mentioned the retirees several times in his remarks, stating the retired officers were proud of the Department and what they accomplished and that pride continues today.

Today, May 6, 2015, was also Police Memorial Day in Dover. The turnout of officers, elected officials and the public was great. The remarks by Senator Blevins and Speaker Schwartzkopf were very appropriate for the trying times police officers are experiencing today. Seeing the support of our elected officers was great. The FOP and the DSTA presented two Medal of Valor Awards at the conclusion of the ceremony. The Medal Valor is given to officers who have been shot in the in line of duty.



The spring meeting for the Alumni Association was held on April 22, 2015.  Eighteen members were in attendance. The attendance for the spring

breakfast is always low because it is  work day. A new Board of Directors was elected with minor changes. Also, the Association recognized the original Board from 2005.  the Association

has been in existence for 10 years and in that time period has been there for each other.  Thank you to all the members.

Congratulations to the 40th Recruit Class that graduated on March 12, 2015.  Good Luck with your careers.

Also, congratulations to Officer Russell Michaud, Newark Pd for receiving the Alumni Esprit de Corps Award.


On January 16, FOP Lodge 5 held its annual Retirement Dinner. Seventeen of the nineteen retires were in attendance.  Attached are pictures.

All the above retirees were members of the Mounted Unit.

Bob Becker                                                                                     Joe Blithe

Craig Browning                                                                               George Cale

Jane Boland                                                    Frank Craft

Tony DiNardo                                                                                  Jim Gladney

Lavincent Harris                                                                   Rob Joseph

Joe Meriggi                                                                                     Steve Purse

Mike Snead                                                                                       Ed Sommers

Keith Sparks                                                                                     Rosemarie Williams

Al Wysock


Anyone who missed the Alumni dinner tonight(12/8/14), missed a great time. Over 70 retirees showed, many we haven't seen in a while. Thanks to everyone for making the night enjoyable.

Last night at the Alumni Dinner Meeting all 100 tickets were sold for the Smith and Wesson Body Guard Raffle. Since all the tickets were sold the drawing was done last night about 8:00. The winning ticket belonged to Danny Tjaden. When Danny was contacted about winning the Body Guard he asked if the weapon had been purchased yet. The weapon was to be purchased today. Danny said instead of the weapon he would donate the $400 to the Nicole Hyden Fund. Congratulations Danny and thank you for the donation.

Look carefully at the pictures and you will see many old friends.

Some great pictures by John Haug.  The second picture This photo has 7 members of the 5th NCCPD Academy. On 1/6/15 it will be the 40th Anniversary. Left to Right: J. Haug, M. McFadden, M. Volk, R. Jameson, G. Christian, S. Phillips, S. Snyder.



November 3, first day of HB 218 qualifications.  Good turn out and the weather was perfect.  If you didn't qualify Nov. 3, Nov. 10 is available.

Today was the dedication of the Memorial Marker on Rt. 202 in the memory of Paul Sweeney. Many retirees and active Police officers attended. Comments were made by Alumni President Joe Fitzgerald, County Executive Gordon and retired Col. John McCarnan. Paul Sweeney Jr. attended as well as members of Joe Szczerba's family. Personally I would like to thank everyone who attended, Paul will always be in our thoughts. The third picture is of retirees who worked with Paul when the accident happened in 1972.


The annual Alumni picnic was held September 20th.  The turnout was great. Many faces we haven't seen in a while turned out for the event.  Again Joe Lavelle and Joe Fitzgerald did a great job in organizing the event and preparing the food.

Great close up pictures by John Haug