Submitted Answers

Picture 1-Ralph Doris

Picture 2-Earl Biddle

Picture 3-Jim DiTomasso

Picture 4-Dave Krupa

Picture 5-Earl Biddle, Unknown

Picture 6-Unknown

Picture 7-Dave Hearn, Ron Peary

Picture 8-Gerry Christian, Jim Riggs

Picture 9-Ron Casper, Joe McNair

Picture 11-Ralph Biddle, Bill Gula, Pete Kotowski

Picture 12-Ron Peary

Picture 13-Construction of the Police Range(1970's)

Picture 14-Dan Bungy, Paul Brasher, Wayne Merritt, Terry Koston, Tom Jenson, and Selton Scott

Picture 15-Academy Site for the 1973 Recruit Class (Delaware Park Jockey Recreational Facility)

Picture 16-Jerry Conway, Bill Gore

Picture 17-Kathy Brettigan (Rego)

Picture 18-Phil Aufiero

Picture 19-Rob Downward, Ralph Dangello

Picture 20-Mark Sweetman

Picture 21-Unknown

Picture 22-Ralph Biddle, Mike Larotonda

Picture 23-Bill (OJ) Johnson, John McCarnan

Picture 24- Ptlm. Turner and daughter Bonnie (Presently a NCCPD Officer)

Picture 25-Bumper Sticker opposing Bill 252 (1976)

Picture 26-Goon Squad (Terry Lake, Wayne Porter, Don Osterbo, Scott Rees, Larry Lawson, Gary Overstreet, ?, Dave Stewart) Late 1970's

Picture 27-Tom Bailer, Booker Johnson, Mike Terranova, Mike Rogers

Picture 28-Jimmy Curran at a FOP Christmas Party for Member Children (1970's)

Picture 29-Dan Tjaden

Picture 30-Jim Riggs, Tom Bailor, Joe McNair

Picture 31-Jim Wilson

Picture 32-Bob Hartman, Kevin Cassidy, Jim DiTomasso, Gary Slayton

Picture 33-Dave Hall

Picture 33-Desegretation (1978)

Picture 34-Ed DiSabitino

Picture 35-Bruce Taylor

Picture 36-Terry Koston (1980)

Picture 37-Dick LeCates

Picture 38-Janet Smith, Jimmy Curran (1987)

Picture 39-Gerry Christian

Picture 40-Terry Koston, Phil Kempsta (1990)

Picture 41-Joe Maichles at Fisher Accident (1993)

Picture 42-Kenny Bartholomew Accident (1973)

Picture 43-Jeanie Lloyd, Vera Briscoe (1982)

Picture 44-Opening of the Range (1978)

Picture 45-Dave Stewart

Picture 46-Dave Krupa, Gerry Christian, ?

Picture 47-Ron Perry, Bill Gula, Kenny Bartholomew, Bob Snow, Andy Miller(1968)

Picture 48-Bob Larrimore, Stan Downard-The arrest of Steve Pennell (1988)

Picture 49-Olie Slaughter, John McCarnan, Jim Hedrick, Terry Lake (1987)

Picture 50-1968 Recruit Graduation

Picture 51- Stan Downard and McGruff (1992)

Picture 52-1989 3 Squad

Picture 53-Bill 252 March (1978)

Picture 54-Al Kerrigan (1970)

Picture 55-Joe Wojcik

Picture 56-Bob Whayland

Picture 57-Color Guard, Bruce Taylor, Al Scarpitti,Vera Briscoe, Dave Krupa (1980's)

Picture 58-Chet Knoxx (1950's)

Picture 59-FOP Convention 1989-Wayne Merritt, Jack Cunningham, Tom Gordon, Bob Lynch, Mike Terronova, Ralph Dangello, Jim Riggs, Glen Davis

Picture 60-Bud Mowday

Picture 61-Vaughn Dale(1980's)

Picture 62-Promotion of George Haggerty, Bob Jameson, Dennis Godek, Jack McConnell

63-Joe Wojcik, Dan Tjaden, Mark Garfinkel, ?,?,Dave McDonald, Jeannie Lloyd

64-Scott Philips, Mike Rogers,Pete Kotowski, Booker Johnson, Tali Villanueva, Larry Lawson

65-Bruce Taylor, John Haug, Gerry Conway, Mark Sweetman