Submitted Answers

1-Ed McGinty, Vaughn Dale, George Freebery, Robert Klosiewicz, John McCarnan, Bud Mowday, Bob Carmine, Ollie Slaughter

2-Jeannie Lloyd, Henry Snedeker, Harry Miller (Director)

3-Bill Webster (1970's)

4-Recruit Class 1968 ?, Ed Mcginty, Vaughn Dale, Walt Chechila, ?, Henry Snedeker

5-Recruiting Photo, Bill Gula

6-Vaughn Dale (1968)

7-Terry Lake Graduating from the academy, Mike Laratonda

8-Recruit Class 1970

9-Rob Downward (1995)

10-Robert Whayland (1950's)

11-Police Department early 1960's

12-Marcel Dawson (1968)

13-Jerry Smuzynski and Father (1974)

14-Police Department 1969

15-Recruit Graduation 1979

16-Class of 1972-, Jeannie Lloyd, Don Anthony, Tom Jones, Mike Rogers

17-Paul Smith cutting Mike Riley's hair before roll call (1969)

18-Jack Reyes Graduation from the Academy

19-Harry Hitch (1950's)

20-George Freebery-FBI National Academy

21-Kevin Lang while still a DRBA Officer, on Kevin's left is Lt. Nicholas Ruggerio, DRBA

22-Charlie Knox and Mickey McNatt (1964)

23-Ralph Doris (1959)

24-Seizure stolen cigarettes (1970) ?,? Joe Wojcik, Bob Carmine

25-Vera Brisco and Debbie Rees (1980's)

26-Charlie Harris (1980's)

27-Bob Snow graduation photo (1968)

28-1968 Class

29-News Article about Ptl. Robert Snow

30-Colonel Snedeker, ?, Ralph Biddle, ?, Bob Snow, Allan Rogers, Bob Hayes

31- First Board of Directors FOP Jim Riggs, Bud Mowday, Ollie Slaughter, Bill Hedrick, Chuck Knox, Alan Kerrigan, John McCarnan, Mike Laratonda

32-Frank Astfalk (1975)

33-Mike Laratonda being sworn in a Chief (1970's)

34 -Don and Carol Oesterbo