Benefits Committee

bob jameson - chairman

frank astfalk

felix poppiti

ron peary

pete kotowski

bob kwiatkowski

Buddy Williamson


notes from committee meetings:








Duncan Road Office (NCCPD)


Members Present:

Bob Jameson (Chair)

Mike Riley

Ron Peary

Buddy Williamson



Pete Kotowski

Bob Kwiatkowski



Frank Astfalk

Felix Poppitti



Larry Mitchell (Legislative Chair – Lodge #5)



Committee discussion revolved around pension issues. Brother Mitchell discussed previous legislation that had been submitted to New Castle County Council which attempted to address some of the areas of concern.


The committee agreed to the following recommendations which will be brought forward to the general NCCPAA membership -


That the Association adopts the following positions in order to enhance the current New Castle County Police Pension Plan:


1) With the increase in the of State of Delaware matching funds (enacted in 1996 –changed from 1 for 1, to 3 for 1), New Castle County needs to ensure that this additional funding is being allocated to retirees. The Alumni shall approach our FOP Lodge #5, and request that our Pension Board representative ensure that this issue is addressed in the 2006 actuarial required by the New Castle County Code. Questions should be posed as to the financial impact of increasing our COLA at age 62 to 4% and/or 5%.

If found to be financially sound, the appropriate legislation needs to be introduced along with the below listed item;


2) Introduce legislation making the COLA effective three years from the officer’s date of retirement;


3) Seek legislation that changes survivor’s benefits from the current (30% + 10% for dependents up to max. of 60%) to 50% for spouse;


4) Seek removal of the actuarial requirement for our COLA unless specifically requested by the Lodge #5 representative.