Lodge 5 - New Castle County Police Retirees

Qualify for the HR 218 Law


February 24, 2006

Re-qualifying for HR218

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          On a cold Friday morning, 65 County Police Retirees reported to the New Castle County Police Pistol Range to re-qualify for the HR218 - Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act.


        With winds howling and temperature dipping in to the teens these brave souls braved the elements to renew their permits. This first group was there when the Range opened at 0800 hrs and many more came before the Range was closed at 1400 hrs.


Next year... we have to try for a mid-May shooting date.... please!






On February 22, 2005, 40 of the 179 New Castle County Police Retirees

responded to the notice sent out by County Police Colonel  Dave McAllister,

notifying them that the County Police Department was complying

with the new federal law by staging a qualifying course

 for those that want to participate in this program.


Going further then the law now requires, the Colonel ran a refresher course

to up-date those Retirees that have been away from the job for some time.

Everyone was brought up to date on the latest laws and

a new department policy was developed just to fit

the new law requirements for Retirees.

The Colonel supplied the Range Instructor and has issued new

Retired Police Officer ID cards

with the notice of  "HR218 Qualified" inscribed.


Another group of 42 Retirees qualified on February 28, 2005


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Even Delaware State Representative Bill Oberle (above) tried his hand at qualifying...

result... a perfect score.




Colonel McAllister reviews the proceedings.



Those other County Police Retirees that want to qualify

should contact this web-master for scheduling.


To all of our New Castle County Retirees who are living out of state

and want to qualify under HR 218...

here is a bit of information that I found

to help you acquire your permit.


To all our  New Castle County Police Retirees residing out of state,

I came across a memo from the previous Attorney General, John Ashcroft, on the

FOP's Grand Lodge web-site.... in it there is a direct response for all Retirees living out of their state where they retired. (Click on the link below to read the memo)
H.R. 218, the "Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act"

Frequently Asked Questions - Updated: 6/1/05

I had several discussions with NCCPD's Colonel David McAllister and we have come up with a plan that should satisfy everyone.

The HR 218 Law say's you can qualify at a qualified range (police or civilian) in the state where you now reside. You will have to carry their certificate (or card) for qualifying along with a new Retirement ID from NCCPD.  The law says you need your picture on it and our old ones don't have that, so we have to get you a new one.

So here's the plan.... I will send you a blank "NCCPD Retirement" card. You will have to sign it and place a finger print on the card in the prescribed place and type in the required information on the back. You will have to get a 1"X1" passport color photo taken and send it back with the card. You then mail the card and photo back to me...

Mike Riley

5401 Pinehurst Dr.

Wilmington, De. 19808-2618

I will take it to the Colonel and he will officially sign it, laminated, record your information for the department's files and I will get your new Retired card to you.

Special note: The department is not responsible for proving that you have fired at a range in order to prove you have met the criteria... by law, they only have to say that you have retired in good standing... Under the HR218 Law, for out of state Retirees, it's your responsibility... therefore you must carry both cards with you... the Retired photo ID and the passing certificate (or card) from the range in your state, in order to carry a weapon.

If any Retired County Officer is interested in getting this card in order for you to qualify under the HR218 Law then please let me know and I will make arrangements  to send out your blank card. You can e-mail me  with your answer or if you have any questions please call me.

Mike Riley - (302) 738-0471

County PD Retiree

New Castle County Alumni Association Web-master

Delaware State FOP Lodge Web-master



If you are a Retiree from another state and living in Delaware

you might want to check with the department that you retired from

and see if they will issue you a Retiree ID card that complies with the HR218 Law.

(picture, signature and date of retirement)


There is a Professional Certified Firearms Training Officer in Dover

that will qualify you at their indoor pistol range

and issue a certificate for passing the course.



Firearms Training Center

5105 North DuPont Hwy.

Dover, DE. 19901

(302) 736-5166


David Lawson - Vice President

(Retired - De. State Police)